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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Emails to Clorox & Liquid Plumr

I posted OMM's email about the Liquid Plumr add, and now I would like to share with you both their email and mine... So here they are...

First, here is the email that OMM members are being asked to sign and forward to Clorox:
 As a member of, I am extremely disappointed in your new two, sexy plumbers commercial introducing the Liquid-Plumr Double Impact Snake and Gel System.

The commercial is extremely sensual and sexual. While the shock value of this ad may draw attention to your brand, it is harmful to children.

Your ad is irresponsible and tasteless! Please, don't lower your advertising standards to this level. You can do better.

I hope to hear you agree and will pull this ad immediately and go back to your old advertising methods. My respect for your company depends on it.

And here is my version, feel free to sign and send or to create your own version:
It has recently come to my attention that you have been targeted by the One Million Moms group because of your recent Liquid-Plumr ads. As a mother, I want to express how much I enjoyed your commercial.

I found the ad to be completely entertaining and enjoyable. I have three children, all of whom watch television with me, and all of whom have watched your commercial. I saw, and continue to see, nothing wrong with these types of ads, and admit that it caught MY attention.

I do hope you choose not to pull this ad, or any other, simply because a single overly-conservative pro-censorship group has chosen to bombard you with emails. I, for one, would love to see more enjoyable and fun commercials both from your company and others. I get so tired of the same ol' same ol' thing every time a show has to break for advertising!
Thanks for keeping me interested!
If you would like to contact Clorox and show your support here is their contact information:

Don Knauss, Chairman
Clorox Company
1221 Broadway
Oakland, CA  94612

Primary Phone: 510-271-7000
Secondary Phone: 800-227-1860
Fax: 510-832-1463

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