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Thursday, May 10, 2012

American Family Association & One Million Moms boycott Home Depot (5/10/12)

Important information about the boycott of Home Depot

Help us reach the goal of 250,000 new pledges

On Thursday, May 17 (next week), the American Family Association will attend the Home Depot annual shareholder meeting in Atlanta, Georgia.

AFA representatives will speak directly to Chairman Blake, the board of directors and shareholders, challenging the company to simply remain neutral when it comes to promoting the homosexual agenda and same-sex marriage.

Last year, AFA delivered 474,161 boycott pledges to Home Depot. Help us reach our goal of delivering an additional 250,000 next week!

Add your signature to the boycott pledge now!

Many shareholders believe the company should not sponsor and participate in homosexual activities that promote same-sex marriage. As a result, shareholders have asked AFA to attend and speak at the meeting.

1. If you haven't already, sign the boycott pledge at!
2. Pray that our message to Chairman Blake
, the board of directors and the shareholders will be received with genuine consideration.


Monica Cole, Director

P.S. Note: When you sign the boycott pledge, you will automatically receive future updates on the boycott, along with alerts on other important issues from AFA. However, if you do not wish to receive future alerts, unsubscribing from the AFA Action Alert is quick and simple. We respect your privacy.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My reply to OMM's Email Champaign Against GCB

As with all of their "campaigns" this most recent attempt to squash GCB includes a request for OMM members to flood the email servers with a pre-written email aimed at shaming the company in to removing support. And as with many other campaigns I have re-written this letter and sent it instead. I am including here both their prewritten version as well as the one that I have re-written and sent. Please feel free to use this letter either as it is written, or as a model to write your own. I do hope that you will make an effort to express your feelings on this matter to the SUN corp., Sprint, Old Navy and Warner Brothers -  contact information follows!

Here is the original pre-written email OMM is asking their members to send out.
As a parent and a member of, I am disappointed that your corporation has chosen to sponsor the ABC television show "GCB." I'm deeply concerned by your sponsorship of a show that openly ridicules the Christian faith, depicting its followers as vindictive hypocrites.

You have empowered the mocking of Christianity. From the show's offensive and crude original title, to the twisted use of sacred Scripture, to the explicit sexual imagery and themes, "GCB" is an assault upon millions of families and people of faith.

Do you really want your company name associated with a show that offends millions and ridicules their faith? 

Many corporations chose not to advertise on this program (one of the most perverse shows ever aired) because they didn't want their name identified with such a program.

If you continue sponsoring "GCB" I will do my best to tell my family and friends to include you on their "no shop" list. Please do the honorable thing and pull your ads from this offensive show.
And here is the letter that I have sent through the OMM automatic mailer system:
It has come to my attention that your company has been the latest target of the hate group "" This group has recently become best known for their stand against equality for homosexuals in the media stemming from JC Penny's choice of a homosexual spokesperson. Unfortunately however, this is not their own aim. OneMillionMoms has taken it upon themselves to censor television, magazines, radio and numerous other forms of entertainment.

I am not only a mother, but a consumer! And I am writing you to say that I do NOT agree with OneMillionMoms and their stance against GCB and it's advertisers. While OneMillionMoms has organization on their side, the fact is that they are a small portion of the population and do NOT provide an accurate portrayal of American Consumers.

I understand that this group has used their harassing emails and phone calls to coerce numerous other advertisers to stop advertising during this program, in an effort to force the network to stop airing the program altogether. I am asking you to disregard the emails and phone calls from this group as they have targeted this program out of a drive to censor entertainment and control the programing available for viewing. They do not represent the majority and they certainly do not speak for my family.

Many advertisers have chosen to give in to their tactics and remove their ads from this (as well as others) program. These advertisers have not gained anything by doing this as OneMillionMoms does not show wide support for companies which do this and often do not share the names of such companies with their followers. Instead, the companies that have chosen to side with this group have lost out on an opportunity to reach thousands of women and families with their message.

The program in question, in the case that you have not personally seen it, is a satire based program which aims to make light of the over the top "Christian Right." This show is NOT meant to be taken seriously and is not meant to be an honest portrayal of any group or faith. It is not offensive, nor is it "offending millions" as the vast majority of the shows fan base is, in fact, Christian.

I am a consumer, and I am asking that you disregard the tactics of this hate based group and continue to support ABC Television Network and GCB! The "honorable" think in this situation is to stand up for the consumer's right to choose their own entertainment without censorship!

Support my freedom! Deny OneMillionMom's request to stop advertizing your products and company during GCB air times!

Thank you,

Unfortunately, OMM has stopped openly publishing the contact information for the corporations they target. I assume they are doing this to prevent people from skipping their system. However, shortly after sending an email through their system I did receive an "I'm out of the office" email from Sprint's Corporate Office. So I know that even by using OMMs system, the emails are being sent to where they belong. As the contact information becomes available to me, I will post it here, however I urge you to use their email system in the mean time.

Sprint Corporation:
Michelle Leff Mermelstein, APR
(703) 928-3919
Twitter @michelleleff

Also feel free to contact:
Mark Elliott

OMM STILL trying to have GCB cancelled! (5/9/12)

One Final Attempt to Have 'GCB' Cancelled!

Two months ago, ABC launched the TV series "GCB," a show centered on a bigoted portrayal of Christianity. For ten weeks, episodes have mocked and portrayed Christians in a negative light. This program is about as far from true Christianity as it could be.

Last Sunday, ABC aired the season finale of "GCB." This week the network will make a final decision on whether or not the show will be cancelled or renewed for another season.

Now is our last chance to send a strong message to advertisers, letting them know we are outraged by their sponsorship of a show that openly ridicules the Christian faith and depicts its followers as spiteful hypocrites.
ABC has to decide if they will continue to push their agenda through a show that belittles the beliefs of millions. ABC will announce on May 15 whether or not "GCB" will be in their fall lineup or if it will be dumped on the cancellation heap.

Kristin Chenoweth, one of the lead actresses from "GCB," describes herself as a "nonjudgmental, liberal Christian" and describes the premise of "GCB," saying, "It's so wrong, it's right." And that "The show is funny, it's silly."

She goes on to claim, "I would never do anything that would make fun of my God, my Christianity."

Really Ms. Chenoweth? Because that is exactly what the show does! Christianity is constantly portrayed as a joke and Christians are made to look like buffoons.

Before the show even aired, Robert Harling, the creator of "GCB," claimed, "Church is sacred...we will never, ever be disrespectful."

Now he sings a different tune, stating in a recent interview, "We knew it would be controversial. We knew it would be provocative."

Help us send a clear message to the advertisers and to ABC that "GCB" will not be supported.

Take Action

National sponsors for the season finale of "GCB" are: All Detergent (Sun Products Corp.), Sprint, Warner Brothers, and Old Navy (again). Please send an email letter to these companies empowering such Christian bigotry.


Monica Cole, Director