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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

OMM STILL trying to have GCB cancelled! (5/9/12)

One Final Attempt to Have 'GCB' Cancelled!

Two months ago, ABC launched the TV series "GCB," a show centered on a bigoted portrayal of Christianity. For ten weeks, episodes have mocked and portrayed Christians in a negative light. This program is about as far from true Christianity as it could be.

Last Sunday, ABC aired the season finale of "GCB." This week the network will make a final decision on whether or not the show will be cancelled or renewed for another season.

Now is our last chance to send a strong message to advertisers, letting them know we are outraged by their sponsorship of a show that openly ridicules the Christian faith and depicts its followers as spiteful hypocrites.
ABC has to decide if they will continue to push their agenda through a show that belittles the beliefs of millions. ABC will announce on May 15 whether or not "GCB" will be in their fall lineup or if it will be dumped on the cancellation heap.

Kristin Chenoweth, one of the lead actresses from "GCB," describes herself as a "nonjudgmental, liberal Christian" and describes the premise of "GCB," saying, "It's so wrong, it's right." And that "The show is funny, it's silly."

She goes on to claim, "I would never do anything that would make fun of my God, my Christianity."

Really Ms. Chenoweth? Because that is exactly what the show does! Christianity is constantly portrayed as a joke and Christians are made to look like buffoons.

Before the show even aired, Robert Harling, the creator of "GCB," claimed, "Church is sacred...we will never, ever be disrespectful."

Now he sings a different tune, stating in a recent interview, "We knew it would be controversial. We knew it would be provocative."

Help us send a clear message to the advertisers and to ABC that "GCB" will not be supported.

Take Action

National sponsors for the season finale of "GCB" are: All Detergent (Sun Products Corp.), Sprint, Warner Brothers, and Old Navy (again). Please send an email letter to these companies empowering such Christian bigotry.


Monica Cole, Director

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  1. WOW it is just a show I happen to find the humor and keep my faith. I will tell you that in my church there seems to be a lot of judging going on which I do not consider to be very christian like. This show was about redemption not a poke at the christian faith.