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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

One Million Moms and Nazi America

This morning I watched a special on H2 called "American Nazi." This show explored how the Nazi and "White Power" movements started, progressed and continue to proceed in the US. For the most part, I wasn't seeing anything I didn't know. But I was shocked to see how many parallels I was finding between the Nazi activity in the US and the activity of One Million Moms.

Now I would HOPE that the members of OMM would agree that these "Nazi" movements and their members are hurtful to society and are based in hate of others rather than in the love of self which they claim to promote. And I do NOT believe that OMM is in any way associated with any White Power or Nazi movement, so please do NOT take this comparison to reflect that type of idea. I do, however, think it's important to show the similarities as they are, because while OMM and Nazi Style groups have different agendas, their tactics and motivations are many times one in the same.

Both groups work to create a society where their beliefs and views are seen as the "accepted" views and where counter beliefs, views and lifestyles are simply not tolerated!

Both groups work to control what is and isn't shown by major media.

Both groups scream "Freedom of Speech/Religion" when challenged or told to stop what they are doing.

Both groups CLAIM to be standing up for their religious beliefs.

Both groups CLAIM to be doing what they do to "create a better world for their children."

Both groups enact boycotts and bombard companies/organizations with harassing mail/email/phone calls to try and force their movement.

And what I see as the worst part, is Both groups target homosexuals and non-Christians.

Now, like I said, I do NOT think OMM is at all linked to any Nazi Group! There are some differences, Nazi Groups often turn to violence, target Jewish believers, African, Japanese, and other Non-White Americans, and even go so far as to deny basic and widely known history in order to try and impress their beliefs on others.

My point here, though, is that while OMM screams "we're not a hate group!" They ACT in a way that says differently. I would assume that just about everyone can agree that these "White Supremacy" groups are without a doubt, hate groups! Hiding behind our Freedom of Speech, Publication and Beliefs they attempt to deny others their right to live their own lives by their own choices - This is NO different than what OMM tries to do.

Many times I have been asked why I do what I do to fight against OMM and other similar groups. And here is my answer - I am a proud American! I love my freedom, and want to ensure that my children have the same freedoms, if not more, than I have! I want my children to have the opportunity to live their lives to the fullest and by their own beliefs and ideals.

Groups like OMM work to squash those very freedoms they exploit by attempting to force companies, organizations and television networks in to censoring their products, messages and programing to fit the beliefs of OMM's members. By doing this, they limit the freedom of other American's to make their own choices about what products, messages and programs they wish to be exposed to or in support of.

This is NO different than Nazi groups attempting to stop Networks from showing African American Programing, or stop companies from producing "Disabled" dolls or toys simply because the support of such things go against THEIR beliefs.

I believe that BOTH types of groups are doing what they do because they do what a better world. However I feel both groups are very mislead on what "better" is. In my mind, better is a more peaceful, loving and tolerant society, not one that tries to limit what it's citizens are permitted to see, purchase or hear.

So here is my message to One Million Moms, Nazi Groups and any other groups with similar agendas...
If you don't like our Freedom - MOVE!
If you don't want to see a program - TURN THE CHANNEL
If you don't want to support a company because of their support of equality and tolerance - FIND A NEW COMPANY TO SUPPORT!
If you don't like a product - DON'T BUY IT!
If you don't like something - SIMPLY DON'T SUPPORT IT!

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