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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

OMM vs Sears (7/17/12)

Along with explicit nudity, Sears now adds books on bestiality and pedophilia to its website

After our last Sears Action Alert, Sears assured the American Family Association (AFA) and One Million Moms (OMM) it was updating filtering equipment and enforcing strict guidelines to prevent sexually explicit products being available on their websites.

We took Sears spokesmen at their word and... apparently shouldn't have. Sears made the same promise in 2010. They broke their word then too.

Less than two months after Sears' latest promise in May 2012, the pornography has returned. Sears continues to offend their customers with nudity in ads for the posters they sell and the naughty lingerie.

But that's not the worst of it. Sears has added books on pedophilia to its website. Sears also sells books on bestiality and zoophilia. These books are "how to" manuals for people who want to have sex with animals. I don't want to be too graphic, but they contain descriptions, drawings and sketches beyond belief.
Technology allows Sears to remove and stop selling these products within minutes, if company executives want to. I hope you will take my word for it, but if you must see the proof, you may look for yourself on Sears' website.

Recently, AFA and OMM asked twice for a face-to-face meeting (at our expense), so we could share our concerns in person. We asked for only an hour of their time. Both times, Sears specifically said its people did not want to meet with us.
Take Action

Unless Sears hears from you, the company will continue to sell hardcore pornography. If you can only do one thing, please:

Make a personal phone call to Sears, so your concerns are clearly understood. Call Sears' corporate headquarters directly and urge Chairman Edward Lampert to keep his company's word to stop selling pornography. The number is 847-286-2500.

Additional steps you can take to make your voice heard:
1. Send an email in your own words using Sears' website feedback form.
2. Make a call to the Sears Public Relations Department at 847-286-8371, option 1.
3. Call your local store manager and politely ask him to pass your concern along to his district manager. You can find your local store phone number here, or in your local yellow pages.

Monica Cole, Director

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