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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Email to Susan G. Komen

Hey guys and gals, I just wanted to share my response to Susan G Komen with you. The OMM email included an "Email Komen" area where you could simply fill out the form and send them an email... So I did. And here it is -

Dear Susan G. Komen for The Cure,

I have been a long time supporter of your foundation, however, after seeing how easily you abandon women in need, I no longer will be.

I am greatly saddened to see that you have decided to pull funding from Planned Parenthood! Their services are an integral part of the health of many millions of low income women nation wide. Your choice to pull funding will only result in women being denied care vital to their and their children's health.

I urge you to reconsider your choice to remove funding from Planned Parenthood! My support of your group depends on it!

Sabrina M Bowen

I urge you all to email Komen and express your wish for them to reconsider their choice.

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