This blog is about raising awareness about a Hate Group called One Million Moms. This is NOT a blog by One Million Moms! If you are posting here trying to contact them, they will not see it!
You WILL see their letters and posts here, as a way to make people aware of their agenda, NOT as a way to support their actions or beliefs!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

OMM's Facebook post, and my two cents!

Earlier this evening this post was made on One Million Mom's Facebook Page. Read it carefully, and feel free to laugh at the irony! 
"OMM isn't going anywhere so we need your help! Occasionally we will be on break to do a clean sweep of negative comments. As you can see many bigoted minded liberals who hate Christians because of our faith are spamming our facebook page. Nothing new really, but this means we must really be getting to them. They have nothing else better to do than troll our page, but tolerance goes both ways. Scripture says we will be persecuted so this means we must be doing something right. We want to keep this page open for comments for our friends. However, as you can see some folks are always going to have a bigoted and narrow mind when our faith is expressed. Please help us by reporting these comments, and understanding that we will not be able to delete them all. You can also help by showing these lost, narrow minded liberal the true love of Jesus Christ. Thank you!"
 Now, while I find their persistence and determination quite inspirational, I find a great many of their facts to be quite off. I'm sorry to see there are so many people spamming their page, that's no different than what OMM does. Personally I would much rather see decent people act against this group without stooping to their level. But I simply can't control what others do...

But seriously, who are they kidding with descriptions like "Narrow Minded Liberal?" Is that even a thing? I mean, can you be narrow minded AND liberal? How would that work exactly? Anyways, the pressure is obviously getting to them. They can feel things going down hill. And they don't like it. So call me all the names you want OMM! But I am PROUD to be a Liberal! I am PROUD to be so bigoted and narrow minded that I can understand that equality and tolerance are NOT limited to those with conservative and oppressive views. And I am PROUD to be a part of the movement which is getting rid of YOU!


  1. I wish the ones posting obscenities there just would go away. But I continue to ask valid questions. It is on them that they have egg on their face for not even responding to those.

    1. I agree. Posting obscene, rude or harassing posts do nothing to stop them. Instead they show them, and groups like them, that they are causing drama, which is what they want. Instead, I ask my readers to work against them WITHOUT confronting them! This is best done by showing support for those groups who OMM targets, as well as refusing to support those who align themselves with OMM, AFA or similar groups! And by making it known to such groups and organizations that we are not going to back down! These groups are bullies, and nothing more, so they need to be treated like bullies and stood up to!