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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Response to OMM's Feb. 7th Letter

Yesterday I posted the latest email from One Million Mom's (read here) and I promised you my two cents! So here it is...

First, let me say that while I wasn't following OMM last year when they revolted against Kim Kardashian's Sketcher's Ad (watch below), I can say that I HIGHLY doubt this was a victory for them and more of a simple marketing switch - which companies do all the time... So while they are taking credit for the new commercial, it's worth noting that the one from last year has NOT been pulled from the air, in fact I saw it not to long ago. But screaming "Victory" allows them to feel important and as if their bullying is actually working to force companies in to doing what they want.

Watch The Kim Ad Here:

Now, let me talk for a moment about their "sadness" surrounding Komen and Penny's. It completely sickens me that ANY women's group would willingly and so happily crusade to defund a group like Planned Parenthood, which provides free and low cost health care to women and children (and yes, men too) who are in need of health care. OMM claims they are "Pro-Life" and therefore they will not support a group which provides abortions. However, anyone with enough sense to take a look at Planned Parenthood's records can see that 97% of their funding does NOT go to abortion services, but to basic health care needs of those who can not afford to get them elsewhere. OMM should be ashamed to call themselves Pro-Life, while working to deny innocent women and children basic health care, education and family planning services.

They go on spouting their religious scripture as if it gives them an excuse to hold beliefs allowing them to ignore the needs of others just to further their agenda... While the Christian faith does generally not support a Pro-Choice stance, it DOES support charity, as well as healthcare for the less fortunate. So to deny people those things, solely to refuse them access to abortion services really doesn't match what they say they are about. Now does it?

As for the Penny's issue, I am thankful to Penny's for ignoring them they way they have. Discrimination based on sexuality is no different than discrimination based on gender, religion or age... And I can guarantee that if they were being discriminated against for being women, or Christian, or moms or whatever, they would NOT be so supportive of such actions. So why support, or in this case, instigate, discrimination against someone else solely because of their sexuality?

Not to mention the simple fact that unless they TELL their children Ellen is gay, their kids will never know. I mean it's not like she has it tattooed on her head or anything. As parents it is up to them to decide what their children are and aren't exposed to. Seeing Ellen on a commercial is NOT "exposure" though. Of course, if you choose to explain to your children all the ins and outs of her relationships, that's your choice, but Penny's isn't the one doing it. Ellen is a woman, a celebrity and an all around good person. Penny's chose her because of THOSE reasons, not because of some "homosexual agenda" as OMM insists!

Einstin said "The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing ANYTHING"  So here I am, saving the world! Stand up with me against OMM's Hate!

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  1. Thanks for writing this. It is great to see people speak up, because if no one does, it doesn't stop bullying, it only encourages them more. Einstein was right!