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Thursday, February 2, 2012

One Million Moms Against JC Penny's Part 2 (Feb. 2, 2012)

OMM began contacting JC Penney after the store announced that comedian Ellen Degeneres would become the company's new spokesperson. Funny that JC Penney thinks hiring an open homosexual spokesperson will help their business when most of its customers are traditional families. As consumers, what we find tragic is a corporate office and customer service department that not only transfers customers to voicemail, but even hangs up on them rather than verses hearing their concerns.

It is absurd to think that a company would find treating customers in this fashion an acceptable behavior. Our members stated their concerns in a kind, professional manner. Insulting customers by ignoring us will not be tolerated. OMM members can shop elsewhere if JC Penney does not appreciate our business. Unless JC Penney decides to be neutral in the culture war and listen to customers in a considerate fashion, their brand transformation will be unsuccessful.

Degeneres is not a true representation of the type of families who shop at the retailer. The small percentage of customers they are attempting to satisfy will not offset their loss in sales by offending the majority.

Since JC Penney won't listen to us nationally, it is time we let them hear from us locally!


Since the corporate office doesn't consider your call important, please call your local store manager. Local managers can are more likely to listen to your concerns and pass them along to the corporate office.

Urge them to tell corporate that Ellen DeGeneres is a poor choice for spokesperson and should be replaced with someone who more represents your family values (please be polite when you call).
You can find the phone number of your local store here, or in your local phone directory.

Monica Cole, Director


  1. Somebody should make the group aware that the majority of Ellen's fans are the same people who would be considered a "traditional family" the same people who would shop at JC Penny... therefore, in terms of marketing, Ellen DeGeneres is a good spokesperson for the company... and in all honesty, that's just plain common sense. This is nothing but pure discrimination against those who are LGBT in our society... it's pure discrimination and further more it's bullying... does this group really want to show our children and others that it's okay to bully somebody just because they are different? Because that's exactly what this is.

  2. That's what OMM does. They target anyone who isn't Straight, Pro-Life, and overly Christian... I mean, basic loving kind Christian's wouldn't be enough... You have to be "Ned Flanders-ishly creapy" or they don't consider you good enough... Some of the things they get flustered about are just DUMB! There are real problems out there, but they prefer to put their power in to crap like this!

  3. I just took the liberty of letting them know that they're bullies... they probably won't listen though... I should have told them that they don't have the right to call themselves Christians either because of what they're doing... and if they were good Christians they would know that God loves everybody regardless of sexuality, religious views, race, gender, etc.... I suppose that's the next thing I'll tell them if they tried to argue with me about the bullying thing. I also signed the petition. Let's hope these people find a way to open their mind and heart.

  4. Well, as a non-Christian, I don't think I have the right to attack someone's faith, or how they view it. I feel you are correct, they are poor examples of Christians, but they have to answer to their own conscious for their actions, and I do mine. I can't, in good conscious, not stand against them, so I do. That's all I can control. I HOPE with enough fight against them and their hate-filled tirades that at least the majority will begin to see their mistakes and grow from them.

  5. To Monica and the members of OMM: I am so sorry to see how small and narrow your world is. You have no idea how much of life you are missing out on. I hope that soon you will break free of your bigotry and feel the joy your God and Jesus have waiting for you if you only give yourselves the chance to experience it. Karma can be a real bitch and unfortunately you have a large dose of it coming your way. Wishing you all a chance to wake up and live in the light of love instead of the darkness of hate.

    1. HAHA, Eileen, the first time I read that comment I thought it said you were a new member of OMM and you were saying that to me. For a second, I was rather offended... Then I went back and realized that you were talking to them... lol

  6. I'm not gay but support the rights of every American. Where in the constitution does it state that you can only love someone of the opposite sex? If this was the case then the constitution should say "We are a free nation under god...Unless you are gay" We have millions of people starving and going without healthcare everyday and here we are arguing about a company that is sponsering a particular celebrity.

    1. When I first came across One Million Moms I asked them why they choose to put their energy towards hurting others rather than towards doing real good by working with charities, or providing care. Their answer? Well, in no uncertain terms I was informed that creating a world where things like non-Christians, homosexuality and "non-Traditional" views is more important than feeding, clothing or housing "liberal leeches who refuse to care for themselves." At which point I figured it wasn't even worth it to try and reason with them.