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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

One Million Mom's Past

I've noticed a HUGE amount of energy against OMM over the last month or so. Mostly since they have decided to target Pennys and Ellen. However, I wish I had started this blog way back when I got involved in 2009. I feel if there had been this much work to shut them down then, that they wouldn't be the issue they are now... And they wouldn't have had the ability to cause the damage they have over the past 3 years!

Here are SOME of the things they have listed on their website as "success" - AKA, times when their harassment tactics (thousands of emails & phone calls mostly) have forced companies to support their hate. intolerance and censorship... As you will see, the "Pennys Ellen" issue is just the most recent bigoted champagne in a LONG LINE of bigoted, intolerant and hate fueled champagnes!

Victory - 'PB Club' is History!The first television show of the fall season to be cancelled is "The Playboy Club" after OMM contacted sponsors! Lack of advertisers played a huge part for the shows cancellation after only three episodes. [Posted 10-5-11]

JC Penney pulls offensive commercialWithin hours of hearing from OneMillionMoms members, JC Penney announced they would no longer air a new commercial using sex to sell men's clothing. [Posted 9-28-11]

Finish Line Has Made a Wise Advertising DecisionFinish Line has taken immediate action! OMM received notification from their company within 24 hours of the launch of our email campaign. OMM has confirmed The Finish Line, Inc. has pulled their inappropriate ad from their website. [Posted 8-2-11]

Another One Bites the Dust! MTV Cancels "Skins"MTV announced there will not be a second season of "Skins" because of lack of advertisers! [Posted 6-29-11]

Chuck E. Cheese's - Committed to Clean, Wholesome Family ValuesChuck E. Cheese's has taken immediate action to ensure their ads no longer run during ABC Family Channel's "Pretty Little Liars" program in the future. This was a mistake made by the media company, and CEC appreciates OMM bringing this to their attention so they no longer fund the airing of this show or support its messages. [Posted 2-18-11]

Celtrixa Sheds MTV's "Skins"Celtrixa's EVP of Sales and Marketing and Chief Marketing Officer, Andy Siegel, has contacted their advertising agency and instructed them to stop purchasing ads on "Skins" immediately and not book any additional ads on "Skins." [Posted 2-1-11]

Dexatrim Max Promptly Removes Ads from MTV's "Skins"Dexatrim Max, owned by Chattem, has taken immediate steps to remove their advertising from the show "Skins" per Chattem's Consumer Affairs Manager, Dawn Simpson. [Posted 2-1-11]

Wrigley's heard you loud and clear! VP of Corp. Affairs for Wrigley, Andy Pharoah, stated they never intended to offend and they apologized for inadvertently having done so in this case. We can rest assured that Wrigley will not be using this phrase going forward and that they will be making appropriate changes to their Extra packaging. [Posted 11-18-10]

Claire's was Cooperative and Complimentary of OMM!Claire's has taken swift action to remove the razor blade jewelry line from their shelves! They appreciate our notes of concern and apologized. Claire's also appreciates the important work of OMM! [Posted 7-19-10]

Jiffy Lube agrees with Moms!Jiffy Lube has taken immediate action on your emails! OMM has spoken with Jiffy Lube President, Rick Altizer, and he agrees this racy, adult oriented ad is inappropriate and offensive. A franchisee did not follow Jiffy Lube's policies and procedures by having this ad approved by headquarters. Altizer's statement, "We did not approve of the advertising in question and have taken the appropriate steps to make sure that it is pulled from circulation immediately." [Posted 7-20-10]
Hanesbrands slams door on "GLEE"Hanesbrands Inc. has responded and they will no longer support the television program "GLEE." Their reply, "We do not have any further plans to run advertising in GLEE and we will take great care to ensure the rest of our advertising, as intended, is running in family-friendly programming." [Posted 4-27-10]
Boost Mobile sprinted to pull their inappropriate Mrs. Claus and Frosty ad
Andy Colley, director of corporate communications for Boost Mobile, contacted OMM. He said, “They have pulled the spot from all broadcast TV outlets. The ad is no longer airing on TV.” (posted 12-17-09)

Toys 'R' Us promptly pulls ad from "Two and a Half Men"
Kathleen Waugh, VP of Corporate Communications for Toys 'R' Us, contacted OMM and said from here on out they will no longer advertise during the program “Two and a Half Men.” They have contacted the network and said this will not happen again in the future (posted 11-17-09)

Dairy Queen supports families and pulls ad from "Secret Life of the American Teenager"
Dean Peters, Director of Communications and Public Relations of Dairy Queen, just contacted OMM and said they pulled their ad from "Secret Life" and no additional units have been purchased to advertise during this rotation. DQ has added "Secret Life" to their "Do Not Air List" and their "Restricted List." (posted 8-11-09)

TJ Maxx/Marshalls pulls ads from 'The Cougar'
Laura McDowell, Manager of Media Relations for TJX Company who owns TJ Maxx and Marshalls, said they have pulled their ad from "The Cougar" and will not be advertising on that show in the future. (posted 6-02-09)

Pier 1 throws TV Land's "The Cougar" overboard
Thank you for contacting Pier 1 Imports about your concerns in regard to our recent ad buy. Pier 1 Imports has reviewed the content of "The Cougar" and as a result, has no plans to advertise on this program in the future. (posted 5-20-09)

IHOP blacklists TV Land's "The Cougar"
Patrick Lenow, Director of Public Relations with IHOP said IHOP agrees with and they do not wish to be associated with "The Cougar." (posted 5-14-09) shovels "Dirt" under
As a result of your good actions, no longer places ads on FX Network's "Dirt" program. 
Geico orders FX network to stop ads on "Dirt"
Geico says, "
We have recently contacted the FX network and instructed them that our advertisements should no longer appear during this program.
General Mills responds to ABC's "Brothers & Sisters" ad
General Mills says their ad during the program was not approved by the company and run by local stations without their permission.
Arby's, 3M, Dairy Queen ads disappear from "Rescue Me"
Arby's and 3M ads have not appeared as sponsors of the FX network show, "Rescue Me" after hearing from thousands of OMM/OMD members.
T-Mobile president gets personally involved, thrashes FX network
T-Mobile president Robert Dotson said, "In addition to removing advertising from programs brought to our attention, effective immediately, we are pulling all advertising from the FX Channel pending further review of their programming.
"I have directed my marketing and advertising leads to conduct a deeper review of our advertising standards to ensure that our selections are consistent with the qualities of T-Mobile’s brand."

Combe, Inc. blocks ads on "Always Sunny" Combe, Inc. (Lectric Shave) spokesperson Carrie Barsuhn told OMM, "We are re-issuing traffic instruction for "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" to be blocked from our schedule. 

ConAgra darkens "Always Sunny" on FX network
According to ConAgra's Chris Kircher, "Just wanted to let you know that neither ConAgra Foods nor its brands has any plans to advertise on 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' in the future."

Wagner orders ads off "Always Sunny" on FX network
They responded in part: "We agree that this show is not appropriate for Wagner and have instructed FX not to run our spot on this show in the future...Wagner is the type of company that does listen to our customers and we do appreciate their continued support. 

Chattem reinforces it's "No FX Network" advertising policy
After ads appeared on the FX Network, Chattem replied "I will make contact with the MSO either directly or via our Agency by end of day today and confirm with you that the blackout is being observed."

Schick abandons "The Bedford Diaries" on WB network According to Schick customer service, "We have stopped advertising on The Bedford Diaries and do not have any plans for future advertising." 

Dentyne drops lesbian kiss commerical Dentyne has edited its online ad showing a lesbian kiss.  The company said, "...since this particular web film ending became a distraction, we decided to revise it.

The WB network edits sex scenes from "The Bedford Diaries" The WB planned to air The Bedford Diaries, a show focusing on the sex lives of students in a New York college Human Behavior and Sexuality seminar.

As a result of your efforts, the WB network has now decided the show is too sexually explicit for television!

FCC fines CBS $3.6 million for "Without A Trace" scene The FCC has fined 111 CBS stations for airing a scene showing a teenage orgy on television when children were likely to be watching television.

Cadbury-Adams finally responds after 14 months! Cadbury-Adams tells it has stopped airing an offensive Dentyne Gum commercial in which a young girls rips off her clothes and jumps on her boyfriend in front of her shocked parents.

NBC Network ends plans to air offensive segment NBC Network says it's plans to air a Brittney Spears segment on Will & Grace called "Crucifixins" not not take place after all.

NBC Network drops The Book of Daniel NBC lost millions of dollars in advertising and succumbed to poor ratings and public opposition to the Anti-Christian show.

Stores approve of "Merry Christmas" Lowe's, Sears, Walgreens, and other retailers say they will include the phrase "Merry Christmas" in future advertising.

Mary Kay drops plans to tie in with Desperate HousewivesAccording to Mary Kay's spokesperson, Shannon Summers: "We are going to revise our media mix that we are working on and we will not have Desperate Housewives in that mix."

Safeway cancels ad on Desperate HousewivesSafeway did not place sponsorship ads on the May 1 episode as planned. Your actions made the difference!

Liberty Mutual backs off plans to sponsor Desperate HousewivesLiberty Mutual had scheduled ads in sponsorship of "DH" on April 11 and 17. After hearing from OMM and OMD, the ads did not air.

Wrangler Jeans says spot on The Shield a FX network mistake."FX has vigorously apologized to Wrangler for the human error that occurred and has verified that no additional Wrangler commercials will run on that particular program - - which had been, and will continue to be, our intent." - Wrangler President Angelo Lagrega

Coca-Cola responds to ads on The Shield"We've researched our media purchases and discovered that we have advertised within this show in the past as a part of a generic cable television buy...This particular program isn't on our upcoming media schedule." (Ray Crockett, Coca-Cola Public Relations)

Sonic immediately dumps The ShieldWithout asking OneMillionMoms to take action, Sonic Drive-In responded by pulling their ad support from The Shield after a single email request from OMM Chairman Dr. Wildmon.

Four more companies have bad vibes about NBC's MediumSince the Jan. 10 episode, Bayer, Red Lobster, Reckitt (Airwick), and Allstate have not aired ads on Medium.

Intuit (makers of Turbo Tax) responds to NBC's MediumIntuit has contacted OMM and will not advertise during Medium in the future. Click Here to read their response.

Kohl's closes door on Desperate HousewivesKohl's wrote: "Thank you for contacting us regarding our television commercial airing in Desperate Housewives. Based on Kohl's program parameters, this program would not be part of our television buy. We appreciate having this brought to our attention."

Alberto Culver slams door on Desperate HousewivesAccording to Corporate Communications' Dan Stone, "We are not an ongoing sponsor of the show, nor do we have any future spots scheduled."

Sharpie scratched Life As We Know It off their list"[W]e have decided to cease airing our advertisements on the ABC Show 'Life As We Know It."

Chattem scratches Life As We Know ItChattem spokesperson Blair Ramey has informed OneMillionMoms their ads will no longer appear on the show.

Leapfrog sinks Desperate HousewivesAccording to Leapfrog, "LeapFrog is committed to aligning our brand values of families, children and education with our advertising and its placement. The company will not advertise on this show in the future."

Apology accepted?Terrell Owens and the Philadelphia Eagles organization have issued apologies for offending the public during Monday Night Football. For more information visit

McCormick and Lenscrafters drop Life As We Know ItCompany statements: "McCormick has taken steps to prevent any future advertising on this program." and "LensCrafters does not suport programs promoting teen sex and will not be advertising on future broadcasts of this show."

Papa John's slices ads from Life As We Know It"Papa John's International pulled all advertising from the Life As We Know It show through our national media buyers after the October 7 episode." Editor's Note: Papa John's actually aired ads on the October 14 episode, as well.

Radio Shack responds to Life As We Know ItPlease be advised we have been monitoring the content of the first few episodes of this new prime-time drama and requested that our advertising agency pull our commercials from the program.

McCormick labels Life As We Know It too salty"McCormick has taken steps to prevent any future advertising on this program. We value the support and opinions of our consumers and thank you for bringing the matter to our attention."

Kellogg's separates from Desperate Housewives"We have no ongoing commitment to advertise on this program, and currently have no plan to advertise on "Desperate Housewives" for the remainder of this year."

Hasbro orders ads off He's A LadyHasbro replied: "The placement of Hasbro commercials in the show 'He's a Lady' was done inadvertently by the agency that places advertising on our behalf. As soon as we learned of this oversight, we contacted the agency and requested they prevent this from occurring again."

Tyson Foods joins list of companies leaving Desperate HousewivesTyson replied, "We have concluded the program is not consistent with our core values, which focus on operating with integrity and trust in all we do."

Lowe's orders ads off Desperate HousewivesLowe's said, "Desperate Housewives does not meet Lowe's strict guidelines, and the company's advertising will no longer appear during the program."

SC Johnson backs out of sponsorship of TBS' He's A LadyAccording to SC Johnson's Therese Van Ryne, "We have assessed the show and we will not sponsor it."

Geico, Best Buy dumps ads from South Park on Comedy CentralAlthough Geico and Best Buy have not formally responsed to your concerns, our monitoring idicates they no longer sponsor South Park.

Footlocker drops South Park on Comedy CentralFootlocker has said, "Moving forward, we have requested that the South Park program not be included in our future advertising campaigns."

Finish Line dumps South Park on Comedy CentralFinish Line said, in part, "Finish Line does not agree with the content on this program and will try to keep our commercials from airing in this program."

Cellboost to no longer sponsor The Man Show on Comedy CentralCellboost has notified members of OneMillionMoms they have pulled ads from the show.

Nissan, Goodyear stop ads on The ShieldFollowing action by members, Nissan and Goodyear have not appeared for several weeks.

Castrol stops ads on The ShieldCastrol vice-president of marketing, Dave Fifield has informed OneMillionMoms they have pulled their advertising support from The Shield. In fact, Mr. Fifield told OMM they have stopped ads on the FX network completely!

Ocean Spray off Fox's WonderfallsOcean Spray writes OMM, in part, "Ocean Spray did not authorize the purchase of advertising time on that program. It was not on our approved programming list. We never had any intention of advertising on that program in the first place, nor do we have any intention of advertising on it in the future."

Urban Outfitters pulls 'Jesus Dress Up'According to spokesperson Meredith Boice, "Urban Outfitters will no longer carry this item. We will continue to sell the inventory on hand, but have decided not to reorder the item."

Nextel Pulls AdsNextel Communications Corporate Communications spokeswoman Audrey Schaefer has informed OneMillionMoms they will no longer sponsor NYPD Blue and The Shield

Dodge pulls sponsorship of "Lingerie Bowl" "I think it had become a distraction to what we want to do next year," said James Kenyon, a Chrysler Group spokesman.

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