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Thursday, April 26, 2012

One Million Moms VS TruGreen (email from 4/26/12)

TruGreen Should Be Ashamed

Not sure of TruGreen's thought process behind their new ad, but if they are attempting to offend customers, then they have succeeded. TruGreen's newest "Weed Slayer" commercial includes, "What the Fffffff---front yard?" The actor begins to say the F-word and then switches to front yard. This is not enough to cover up what he meant to say. Parents find this type of advertising inappropriate and unnecessary. Does TruGreen desire for our children to have dirty mouths?

TruGreen may have thought this was humorous, but it is not cute when children go around saying this. All parents know that children repeat what they hear. Let's stop this commercial dead in its tracks. Let TruGreen know their new ad is irresponsible.

Please send an email letter to TruGreen regarding their new "Weed Slayer" commercial and ask that they pull this ad immediately.


Monica Cole, Director

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