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Friday, May 18, 2012

Messaging Gap

As always OMM is asking their members to bombard their target (in this case, "The GAP") with a pre-written email in an effort to force them in to backing down. And, as always, I have taken a few moments to email them with my message of support and thanks! Below you'll find both versions - OMM's and mine - as well as contact information for The GAP so that you can send your own.

Here is the message OMM members are sending in mass:
As a parent and a member of, I am highly offended by your company's disrespect for the millions of parents whose children will be exposed to your latest "Be One" GAP billboard ad. Selling clothes has nothing to do with a person's sexual orientation. In attempting to be politically correct, you are offending a huge majority of your customers.

GAP Inc. Brands, including Old Navy, Banana Republic, Piperlime, and Athleta, does not deserve, nor will it get, my family's business as a result. I will not be able to support your corporation until you decide to remain neutral in the culture war. I implore you to consider how your immoral actions affect the youth of our nation.

Please order the removal of your offensive billboard in Los Angeles and any other city it is located. Also cancel any plans to use your "Be One" ad campaign elsewhere including store front posters, your website, and in print magazine ads.

I look forward to hearing from you regarding my concerns.

And here is my version. Feel free to simply copy and paste this version if you don't want to write your own, don't worry, I won't sue for copy-write! (LOL)...  
As an ongoing customer of your corporation I wanted to express my delight at your newest ad. I find the "Be One" ad to be a beautiful addition to your advertising and hope to see more, similar ads in the future!

Your corporation is setting a wonderful example for both other companies and for society as a whole. As a mother I am proud to say my children are growing up in a world where people are finally free to express who they are without fear. Ads like yours are helping that reality along a little more every day.

I do, however, understand that there are less accepting groups and companies out there. And I would like to simply thank you for your willingness to take a stand on the side of equality and ask that you continue to do so. Please do not allow the negativity of these groups/companies to bully you in to removing this or future ads!

I look forward to hearing from you regarding my concerns.

I encourage all of you to send similar messages of support and thanks to The GAP in an effort to counter the bigoted OMM message. If you shop at ANY of "GAP" companies make a point to talk to management and tell them how you feel about this ad.

In the case you missed it, here's the actual ad!
 Please contact GAP Corp. and express your feelings of support!

Glenn Murphy, Chairman & CEO
Two Folsom Street
San Francisco, CA  94105

Primary Phone: 1-800-653-6289
Secondary Phone: 650-952-4400
Fax: 415-427-2553
E-Mail: Glenn Murphy, GAP at:

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